What are the leading causes of dislocations

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1. In which areas of the body do joint dislocations commonly occur?

2. What are the leading causes of dislocations?

3. When entering the hospital with a diagnosis of a shoulder dislocation, what medications, and procedures would the medical team use/perform?

Reference no: EM131123669

Do you expect cl- to flow into the cell

A neuron with an intracellular Cl- concentration of 50 mM is placed in a solution that contains 100 mM Cl- at 25 degree celcius. The membrane potential of the neuron is -60

What is the differentiation of the subterranean root

In a discussion of plant move from water to land, what is the differentiation of the subterranean root? Someone please help me with a "layman's" explanation!

Explain crown of thorns and spider lilies

An observation was made at the Black River High School that in a garden with oleanders, sage, crown of thorns and spider lilies, only the leaves of the spider lilies were ea

What are the major roadblocks to achieving it

You find out an unusual organism growing in the bark of a dying tree. Under a microscope, you observe that its cells are eukaryotic, have cell walls, and do not contain chloro

Periodic table of elements

In the periodic table of elements, you should be able to identify elements that are classified as metals and non-metals. Define and distinguish the two different major types o

How various strands of dna are radio-labeled

Two strands of a DNA molecule are radio-labeled such that each strand can be uniquely identified. After three bouts of replication, how many new molecules of DNA are formed?

Enzymes are used at a temperature of degrees celsius

Many enzymes used by molecular biologists were isolated from the bacterium Escherichia coli, which is an inhabitant of the human gut. Most of these enzymes are used at a tem

Research a real workers compensation case

Research a real Workers' Compensation Case. Provide an overview of the case and discuss which classification the case would fall in (medical treatment, temporary disability,


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