What are the issues these unions are concerned with
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Examine two national labor unions, such as the UAW, AFT, or SEIU.

What are the issues these unions are concerned with?

Are the issues the same for both unions?

Why do you think these issues are similar or dissimilar?

What is the source of the statement presenting these issues: a particular political representative, a recent poll, or some other source? Is this source reliable?

Do you think the issues are relevant to the current world of work?

What evidence have you found in your research to support your impression of the relevance of these issues'' to the world of work today?

Are there more relevant issues that are not being addressed? Provide evidence to support your position.

Do you think the issues could be addressed by management given today''s employment laws? Why or why not?

Is there a better alternative than the voices of these two unions for addressing these issues?

What impact do these unions have on the employee-employer relationship?

What are some of the ethical implications of unfair employer labor practices?

How does the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1947 affect organizations today?


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Main Issues:

Junk sends are gliding alluding to a roundabout issued by the PCDA(P) expressing that the MoD has issued requests concerning the choice's usage of the Supreme Court with respect to allow of overdue debts from 01-01-2006 instead of 24-09-2012. The news is erroneous.

The said round just concerns resistance non military personnel retired people taking into account the letter issued for regular citizen beneficiaries by the Department of Pension and Pensioners'' Welfare (DoPPW). It might sympathetic be comprehended that the PCDA(P) has no power to issue brochures all alone till the time the MoD issues a Government letter to the said impact.

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