What are the influences of nationstatism on globalization

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What are the influences of nationstatism on "globalization?"


National interest is normally used in International relation. It is the interest of the nation at global level.It defines the goal and ambition of a country on a broader level, which can be related to any field like: economic, military or cultural. The policymaker normally used the term to define objective of the state or justify the action of their state

National interest is interest of Nation-State on a global level, whereas the Nation-State behaviour is the behaviour of the group of People dwelling the nation. The Nation-State behaviour might not be the goal or ambition of the country. The Nation-State behaviour might be influenced by many factors and might get distorted with time. Thus we can’t use the national interest as nation-state behaviour as national interest which defines the ambition or goal of a country can be different form current Nation-State behaviour.

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RE: What are the influences of nation-statism on "globalization?"RE: What are the influences of nation-statism on "globalization?"

Reference no: EM131156093

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