What are the implications of this for future research

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Additonal work on the above 2-3 pages

continue your group's discussion by addressing the assigned summative considerations that pertain specifically to the topic for this pair of weeks.

In what ways do the readings during these 2 weeks answer important "So what?" questions in the field of leadership and organizational change? How are these readings potentially valuable for research in the field?

Are the model(s) or paradigm(s) primarily theoretical or applied? What are the implications of this for future research?

What concepts of global and multicultural leadership do you perceive to be the weakest in the model(s) or paradigm(s) presented? Why? How could they be strengthened?

To what extent do the model(s) or paradigm(s) present a clear set of measures for assessing leadership and determining group or organizational outcomes? What suggestions do you have for enhancing assessment metrics?

Are there any important contradictions, arguments, disagreements, or divergences within this set of readings that point to potential areas for future research? How would you follow up to extend or explore these gaps?

Reference no: EM131204628

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