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1. What are the implications for followers of your profile? What do you think people who know you well would say your profile is?

2. Identify some people in your history who were Level One, Two, or Three influences on you. Which ones did you respect the most? What did you learn from them? What about them would you like to emulate? Or do the opposite of?

3. How would you characterize your parents’ style of influencing you, Level One, Two, or Three? What examples can you cite? How do you suppose this experience has shaped your leadership style?

4. What organization or institution do you believe the most in? Why? What about that institution that touches you so deeply? What would you be willing to do for this institution? What would you not be willing to do? Why?

5. Identify sometimes or incidents when you tried to influence others. How did you go about it? Were your efforts dominantly Level One, Two, or Three? What makes you think so? What was the result?

6. What Level Three techniques would you like to become more proficient at? How would you plan to accomplish that?

7. What are your core leadership principles? If you were asked to take charge of an organization, what have you learned/concluded thus far in life about the way you would approach the task of leading?

8. What is the purpose of your organization? Can you write it succinctly and immediately? Are you engaged in that purpose? Why or why not?

9. What do all of your co-workers contribute to this purpose? Can you identify contributions that each makes?

10. How would you reorganize your organization to make it more effective? How could you make your ideas happen?

11. What things in life are you relentlessly committed to? What, if anything, are you willing to spend 10 years working on? What does this commitment have to do with your ability to lead?

Reference no: EM13759356

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