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The United Nations realizes that at some future date, some government will be prepared to pay for human cloning in order to develop professional athletics who have been scientifically bred and engineered to win olympic competitions. It is also probable that the owners of major league football and professional baseball teams will engineer athletes to their own specifications. The United Nations has asked your university to develop guidelines for human cloning. What are the implications? Incorporate the elements that you believe should be reflected in the guidelines and the implications of governments and sports corporations which might clone and hybrid professional athletes to their specifications. Cite your sources.

Reference no: EM13936922

Recognize a trait of the population to be addressed

The characteristic (trait) could be something like coloration pattern, length of the limbs, size of the teeth or beak, or any measurable trait that is inherited.

Distinguish among the fluid compartment shifts

Distinguish among the fluid compartment shifts that occur with common disturbances of body fluid homeostasis. Define GFR and filtration fraction, and explain the role of renal

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The Drug Discovery corporation has developed a compound X that binds and activates TSH receptors with a very high affinity. A thirty year-old XY subject that has been taking v

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List the factors that affected pt. AW cardiac contractility and performance, list the factors that initiated her sympathetic NS response. How has it changed the following and

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What is Annie experiencing? What are the three stages of General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)? What stage is she currently experiencing? What hormone is released during this phas

Additional hour of critical care support to patient

The patient is in respiratory distress and is suffering from severe dehydration. The physician provides support for two hours. Later that day, the physician returns and prov

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1. What are the abbreviations for right eye, left eye, right ear, and left ear? What do the letters in the abbreviations mean? 2. There are seven (7) total types of blood cell

Draw out the pedigree and give the probability

assume hairy kneecap (hk) is autosomal and recesive. A women has a sister with hairy kneecaps. Neither she nor the rest ofher family have hairy kneecaps. The man has normal


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