What are the goals and benefits of supply chain integration

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‘Supply Chain Integration Strategy and Issues'


This report must be based on comprehensive literature review from peer reviewed journal articles. You can consider the issues of integration in general or specific to an application area such as agricultural supply chain integration, health care supply chain integration, or logistics integration.

• Introduction of strategy and supply chain integration/EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

• Main body of the report

a. What are the goals and benefits of supply chain integration? How can we integrate internally and externally? Discuss six different contexts of integration which are: customer integration, internal integration, supplier integration, technology and planning integration, measurement integration, and relationship integration.

b. What is Bullwhip effect? What causes Bullwhip effect in supply and logistics system? Why is it important to develop strategies to efficiently cope with Bullwhip effect? You can consider using the Beer game simulation example to explain the impact of bullwhip effect.

Reference no: EM13835624

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