What are the factors influencing successful management
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Utilizing the ideas you expressed in Discussion Board Forums 1 and 2, you will write a 10-15-page paper on a sport or recreation management {Becoming a strong CEO Leader for a YMCA facility.} topic of interest and relate it to ideas such as how you might go about practitioner research and professional development, the application of research in the workplace, knowledge transfer, integrating research skills to solve pragmatic problems, etc. In the development of this paper, you are encouraged to envision what kind of internship placement and/or career you desire and consider disciplinary connections from this (and other) course(s) to the internship site as a place of experiential learning. You must follow current APA format and include the following elements:

1. Title page with a running head

2. Abstract and keywords

3. Body

a. Introduction

b. Discussion of key terms

c. Application and future integration

d. Summary/Conclusion

e. Reference list

a. SAMPLE Research Questions:

b. RQ1: What are the factors influencing successful executive management?

c. RQ2: What are the antecedents of successful executive management?

d. RQ3: What factors influence successful management of a non-profit YMCA?

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