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Changes in perception regarding psychopathology in response to shifts in societal attitudes toward specific behaviors.

Now, let us look critically at treatments in general. A number of treatments for currently diagnosable disorders have been discontinued, such as trepanning and lobotomies, because they were discredited and are now considered crude and/or barbaric.

A number of disorders have been completely removed from diagnostic manuals and their corresponding treatments have been discredited and discontinued.

For example, the treatment known as conversion therapy or reparative therapy for lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals is known to be ineffective and even harmful.

In this 250- to 500-word journal entry, you will consider current treatment methods (e.g., electroconvulsive therapy, exposure, and response prevention).

Choose a current treatment method and comment on what ways future researchers might consider this current treatment barbaric or crude.

Explain why you chose to comment on this treatment.

What would need to happen for current acceptance of this treatment procedure to change?

What are the ethical implications involved in using a questionable treatment option?


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Table of Contents

Electroconvulsive therapy: 1
Current treatment barbaric or crude: 1
Reason to choose Electroconvulsive Therapy: 1
Change in the procedure of the treatment: 1
Implications of the Ethics in the Treatment with Electroconvulsive Therapy: 1
References 2

Electroconvulsive therapy:

Electroconvulsive therapy, which in the earlier days is also known as the electroshock therapy and is used as a shock treatment for providing relief to the patients suffering from the psychiatric illness. This therapy is the only therapy which is currently used form of shock therapy by the psychiatrist This therapy is only used with the informed consent of the patient for the treatment of the mania, catatonia, and also for the major depressive disorde (Fink & Taylor, 2007).

Current treatment barbaric or crude:

This treatment of the electrocution therapy results into the many adverse effects to the brain, according to the general scientist the risk related to the ECT is similar to the risk of the general anaesthesia. The most common adverse effects which are the result of this treatment are the memory loss and sometime may also lead to the death of the patient (Donahue, 2007).

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