What are the elements of a sound contract

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Discuss the use of contracts within the healthcare industry and share at least three examples of contracts often utilized in the healthcare industry. What are the elements of a sound contract? Finally, explain why there must be no existing legal violations present, in order for a contract to be validated.

Reference no: EM131423599

Intermountain merchandising

Hicks, the president and manager of Intermountain Merchandising, wanted to sell the business to Montana Merchandising, Inc. To provide a basis for the transaction, he retained

Define and explain characteristics of successful supervisor

Here is your task for this discussion forum assignment: 1. Define and explain the characteristics of a successful supervisor. 2. Explain the five basic functions of a supervis

Case study on shuzworld

For this task, you will use the "Shuzworld" case study (see Web Links section below). You will need to read the entire case study to be able to complete this task correctly.

Cultural involvement with environmental-financial analysis

What is social and cultural involvement with environmental and financial analysis paper? How does political have involvement with environmental and financial analysis paper? W

Investment opportunities and rates of return

First Securities, Inc., an investment firm, has $380,000 on account. The chief investment officer would like to reinvest the entire $380,000 in a portfolio that would maximize

The objectives of an effective cost management system

Brian is starting a new business, his own bakery, and would like your advice. He recently finished an apprenticeship with a large bakery chain that specialised in bread produc

How can police officers reduce communication barriers

Keeping in mind that communication includes verbal and non-verbal communication such as body language and that communication barriers can exist between the police and the pu

Future of work will be important in the future job market

Drucker, Reich, Friedman and Rifkin's ideas of the future of work will be important in the future job market. What interest, skills, and values do you possess that will be rel


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