What are the economic consequences of bing a boarder city
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Question: The essay about (what are the economic consequences of bing a boarder city (Sault Ste Marie)? How can you overcome those?

I want the essay in two-pages MLA format, and in very basic language with no plagiarism.


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Small cities often face lot of issue with respect to the socioeconomic or cultural aspects. Even they have a very limited or non-proper borderline. Boarder city is mostly defined as a town or city which is situated close to the boundary of two states, regions or countries. They carry the overall influences of both the regions. Some cities got flourished by such influence while some lag behind due to various regions. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, a small boarder city that got its designation as a city in 1887. It hold the oldest community of Michigan and is the first place in the Mideast without having Indian settlement. Its location is really amazing which lies along the St. Marys River on the U.S.-Canadian International Boarder. It has the world’s largest water traffic system, The Soo Locks, which was built during 1852 to enable its trading and expanding its commercial business (Marshall, 1975).

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