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In recent weeks, you have been exposed to a wide range of leadership styles. These have included transformational leadership, transactional leadership, servant leadership, authentic leadership, spiritual leadership, ethical leadership, remote leadership, and distributed leadership.

You have also been exposed to the concept of organisational crises. An organisational crisis can include extortion, hostile takeovers, product tampering, environmental spills, security breaches, executive kidnapping, product boycotts, work-related homicides, natural disasters, bribery, terrorist attacks, plant explosions, product recalls and, of course, economic and financial crises.

For this video presentation, you are required to select any organisational crisis of your choice (just one) and any leadership style of your choice (again, just one).

Then, record a 5-minute video presentation that contains the following components:

1. The likely causes of the organisational crisis.

2. The potential consequences of the crisis.

3. The advantages of the selected leadership style in solving that crisis.

4. The disadvantages of that leadership style in solving the crisis.

5. Three recommendations on how those disadvantages could be overcome.

To ensure success in your video presentation, take account of the following:

• Check the lighting quality so that your lecturer can clearly see you on screen.
• Test the audio quality so that your voice can be heard without difficulty.
• Record the video in a quiet room so that disturbances are minimised.
• Observe the screenshot so that your entire face can be seen.
• Talk to the camera rather than read from your notes.
• Get creative. It's not just what you say and how you say it; it's also how you present it.
• Be conscious of your body language. Is it helping you? Or is it hindering your message?
• Practice numerous times beforehand so that you become polished and confident.
• You do not need to submit any written material for this assessment; just the recording.

Video Presentation
1) What grade do you want?
2) What grade did you get last assessment?
3) What do you think you need to do to get the grade you want this assessment?

1) How are you intending to present you assignment? (The higher the grade, the more creative and highly engaging it needs to be)

Organisational crisis
1) What is the organisational crisis you are choosing?

2) What was the causes of this organisational crisis (the higher grade the more you need to analyse)

3) What are the consequences of this crisis?

Leadership style
1) What leadership style are you choosing? Why (it must be reasonably appropriate)
2) What do you think are the advantages of this leadership style during this time? (The higher the grade the more advantages, analysis and academic sources you need)
3) What are the disadvantages of this leadership style? (As above)

1) What recommendations are you recommending?

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The presentation reveals the evaluation of an organizational crisis and adoption of a leadership style for solving this issue. The selected organizational crisis is product tampering which significantly affects the brand image and the reputation of the concerned brand in front of the customers. Moreover, there are few people those are mentally sick or are politically motivated and do these type of crisis for receiving some type of benefits from the concerned organization. The use of transnational leadership style can be adopted in order to reduce these issues. The presentation will reflect the advantages and disadvantages of using this leadership style and will also provide three crucial recommendations to reduce the disadvantages.

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    This subject is People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership. As you will see in the assessment outline there are many organisational crisis mentioned so you have to select any one and then by one leadership style you have to provide with the answer. The second doc attached is for understanding the questions. Remember as given in the marking rubric organisational crisis stands only for 10 marks wheres as leadership has 30 marks. So you have to prepare PPT slides with some examples if appropriate , 3 or 4 academic references, 1 or 2 images where appropriate and notes to explain that slides in 5 minute video for both the copies. Remember that if you are using any crisis and then the leadership style they should reasonably appropriately relate to each other. In both copies the organisational crisis and leadership style should be different. Note: - please go through the marking rubric carefully once so that you can see which parts carries what marks that is extremely crucial.

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