What are the different categories of attackers

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Question: Security is one of the major concerns for the network redesign. The CISO is chatting with your group about the huge influx of attacks the firewall logs picked up this week. One of the interns asks why anyone would want to attack a bookstore. Discuss why you think this is occurring based on your knowledge of network threats.

• What are the different categories of attackers and the motives they have to attack networks?

• Which do you think are relevant for the bookstore? Explain how the targeted organization and its particular industry influence the likelihood of attack.

• Use a recent successful attack in the news to justify your response. What measures can be taken to prevent a similar attack on your customer?

Make sure to support your thoughts with resources, citing them in APA style. In your response to others, compare and contrast your ideas with theirs.

Reference no: EM132280153

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