What are the cultural nonverbal cues that you notice

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As you have discussed in the class, nonverbal codes have many functions including reinforcing, replacing or contradicting the verbal message. They can also regulate interactions, create immediacy, and deceive. There are a large variety of nonverbal cues (some that you might not have considered before such as artifacts, environment and silence). Being aware of nonverbal codes is important to effective communication when being the sender of the message, the receiver, or even being an observer of communication. Therefore, for the Assignment this unit you will be the observer of nonverbal codes and will analyze what you observe.

To do this, first review the information on nonverbal codes in the Reading. Then go to a location where you can observe people (a busy restaurant, a hotel lobby, your workplace, or somewhere there are many people to observe). Start by analyzing your reactions. What are your impressions of people based on appearance, artifacts, body language, eye contact, paralanguage, use of space, and touch? Then take notes on the question below to complete the Assignment.

During your observation, answer the questions below:

1. Location and time of day?

2. What are your impressions of the environment (include graphic elements)?

3. Pay attention to the relationships and communication occurring around you. How are people greeting each other? Do you think you can tell the relationships of the people based on their nonverbal behaviors? Why or why not?

4. What are the cultural nonverbal cues that you notice?

5. Describe five different nonverbal codes that you see, and then explain the function of each and what you assume each means.

Reference no: EM131298104

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