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What are the cultural meanings of shoes in the United States society? What are the cultural meanings of automobiles? That is, what do these products represent in the United States culture as a whole?

How do these meanings change when you go from the overall US society to some of the specific subcultures in the United States? That is, how do different subcultures in the United States consume these products differently, or are perceived as consuming the products differently?

For those of you in other countries, tell us about shoes and automobiles as part of the culture in your countries.

For the second part of the discussion question, while I do not want you to be too stereotypical in your responses, I do want you to be specific. When you see a car, you often have an idea of who you think is driving that car before you actually see the driver. When you see a person's shoes, it tells you more about the person than just his/her preferences for that day. When you see different brands and styles of cars and shoes, there is most likely some image in your head of the type of person who would use those brands and styles. Think about where these associations in your head come from when answering this.

Reference no: EM132184485

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