What are the corresponding retail and wholesale prices

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DrugCo has two demand equations for its retail products (pain reliever and cancer):

Pain relief: P = 100-10 Q

Cancer drug: P = 200-15 Q

The marginal cost of production is $30. Which product should go to the retail market and which should go to the wholesale market? What are the corresponding retail and wholesale prices? What would happen if the sales are switched from the retail to the wholesale and vice versa?

Reference no: EM13158231

Consider homogeneous-good cournot oligopoly

Consider a homogeneous-good Cournot oligopoly with n >2 identical firms with C(q) = 0 and P(Q) = e- Q; for Q >0: Find the Cournot equilibrium outputs, price and profit.

Think about the eight symptoms of groupthink

Think about the eight symptoms of "GroupThink" as discussed in the text. Have you experienced these symptoms in groups that you are a part of or are aware of? How was the deci

Production function display constant returns to scale

The Cobb-Douglas production function is given by: Y = AK^(α)L^(1−α) where 0

Calculations use conventional formula for percentage change

Suppose the current price of oil is $120 per barrel. At its next meeting, OPEC decides to increase crude oil production by 10%. Assume that OPEC accounts for 40% of the world'

What is the current level of unemployment-inflation-growth

What is the current level of unemployment? Inflation? Growth? What are the only 2 ways to increase the growth rate of the Economy? What are the three goals of Macroeconomic po

Determine the required savings

A company invested in a pick and place robot for $675,000. The installation costs incurred were $175,000. The company obtained a loan to finance 60% of the equipment to be pai

Compute elasticity of demand and supply at the equilibrium

The market for cereal is characterized by the demand equation: QD=35-20P And supply is characterized by: QS=5P-40. Find the equilibrium in the market for cereal. Show your wor

Explain how much are islonad government purchases

assume that isoland has a closed economy. Isoland national investment is $50,000,000, its private saving is $60,000,000 and its taxes minus transfer payment equal $65,000,00


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