What are the corner points of the feasible solution space

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Company produces two products (A and B) using three resources (I, II, and III). Each product A requires 1 unit of resource I and 3 units of resource II; and has a profit of $1. Each product B requires 2 units of resource I, 3 units of resource II, and 4 units of resource III; and has a profit of $3. Resource I is constrained to 40 units maximum per day; resource II, 90 units; and resource III, 60 units.

What is the objective function?

What is the constraint for resource I?

What is the constraint for resource II?

What is the constraint for resource III?

What are the corner points of the feasible solution space?

Is the production combination 10 A's and 10 B's feasible?

Reference no: EM131040386

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