What are the consequences of people not being vaccinated

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Importance of Vaccination

Mary's one year old daughter is due to be given the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine during her next visit to the doctor. Mary is upset and concerned because one of her friend's sons became ill after a similar vaccination. She has also heard rumors that MMR vaccine causes rubella. Mary was also told that her daughter will need to be vaccinated before Mary returns to work.

Mary is not alone. Many parents face this issue. Therefore, it is important for Mary and all such parents to make decisions that are best for their children, based on facts and not emotions.

Place yourself in the role of a health care worker, submit to the discussion area your plan to validate the importance of vaccination by addressing the following questions:

Why are vaccinations necessary components of the healthcare programs?

Are there reasons for people not being vaccinated despite of such elaborate healthcare programs? Explain.

What are the consequences of people not being vaccinated?

What is the impact of religious, cultural, legal, and ethical issues that parents need to consider before vaccination?

What type of information will help the parents make an informed decision about vaccinating their children?

Reference no: EM131151053

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