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These areTWO different short answer discussion quesitons please answer EACH question in the discussion and list references Many motivational theories focus on the motivational quality of human needs. What do humans need? How do these needs motivate? How are these needs addressed in an organizational context? Provide an example from your current organization. How well does it address the needs of its organizational members? What best practices can you suggest for organizations to address human needs and motivate positive organizational behavior? An important element in high-performance organizations is the presence of clear and widely embraced vision and values of an organization. Consider your own organization. Is the vision/mission/purpose for the organization clear? Are the values clear? Are the vision and values widely embraced by organizational members? Are organizational members aligned with the vision? From your personal experiences and from research, what are the consequences of having organizational members aligned to vision/values? What are the consequences of having organizational members who are not aligned to vision/values? How do leaders align members to the organizational vision and inspire productive organizational behaviors?

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