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Which communication strategy would you most likely use if you were faced with a difficult task of having to fire staff due to organizational restructuring or downsizing (use at least 2 strategy) ? What are the communication difficulties that you envisage with such a situation? How would you prefer to learn about being fired: via email or face-to-face ? 

Reference no: EM131142994

Implementing a lean process improvement

What do you think are the cost factors to consider when implementing a lean process improvement? What types of products or services produce the greatest cost savings for an in

Four conflict-stimulation techniques

As a manager of people it is inevitable that you will have to deal with conflict issues. In our studies we have identified the need to resolve conflict when it is seen to be c

Consider continuous review inventory system

Consider a continuous review inventory system. Demand is normally distributed with an average of 44,000 per month and a monthly standard deviation of 1320 units. Lead time is

What is the cost savings using your decision in number

A Las Vegas, Nevada, manufacturer has the option to make or buy one of its component parts. The annual requirement is 20,000 units. A supplier is able to supply the parts for

Pizza delivery boxes from a printing supplier

Mama Mia's Pizza purchases its pizza delivery boxes from a printing supplier. MamaMia's delivers on average 200 pizzas a month. Boxes cost 20 cents each, and each order costs

Society of honorable engineers-what is rate of return

You have just been elected into the "Society of Honorable Engineers." First-year dues are waived in honor of your election. Thus, your first payment of $200 is due at the end

What strategies will you use to delegate responsibilities

You are a consultant hired by an established medium-sized manufacturing corporation with 250 employees. It directly markets one unique product. The corporation is run by a new

What are potential future pitfalls they should be watching

The Burger Barn executives see a rosy future ahead for Creamy Creations. Do you see any reasons why they should not be so optimistic? What are the potential future pitfalls


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