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Assignment: Bad-New Message

Situation and Task:

You own an Italian restaurant in Chico. Recently Nancy Kramer, a food critic from San Francisco had dinner at your restaurant while visiting her daughter, Kathryn at Chico State. During your conversation with Nancy she raved about the sauce on the pasta she ordered. You had a nice conversation with her, and you thought all was good, until you received an email from her expressing the desire to publish a story about your restaurant. As a condition to publication, she wanted to include the recipe for your marinara sauce. While you are flattered by the attention, there is no way you are giving your grandmother's recipe away. Grandma let you have the recipe for the restaurant with the condition that you never give it away. You have other family recipes you could offer, but the sauce is off limits! Nancy is a well known food critic and rarely hears "no." One of the unique features of her articles is the inclusion of the cook's recipes. Not many critics can pull this off, but Ms. Kramer has made quite a name for herself by doing it. You compose a tactful letter letting Nancy know the recipe cannot be published.

Complete the following in a single MS Word or Google Doc.


1. Your audience analysis should include comments in response to the following issues:

o What is the identity of the primary audience?
o What is the Identity of the secondary audience or other possible audiences?
o What are the circumstances surrounding the request?
o How do you think each audience will react to the message?
o What information will be especially important to each audience?
o How do I establish and build credibility with each audience?
o You may write your audience analysis in paragraph form or as an outline or list. In either case use "a" through "f" as subheadings.

IMPORTANT- if you write your analysis as a list or outline you must use complete and well formed sentences.


1. Your message should-

o begin with an email heading (single spaced): Date, To, From, Subject
o be formated with each paragraph being single spaced with a double space between paragraph.

Reference no: EM131360705

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