What are the chemical journey of a carbon atom

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what are the chemical journey's of a carbon atom from carbon dioxide in the air and a hydrogen atom from a water molecule that have entered a plant cell and what are their chemical journeys as they are involved in in the process of photosynthesis and respiration.

Reference no: EM13155560

What was the per capita growth rate

The first reproduction of condors in captivity occurred in 1988, when the population consisted of 27 individuals. The population grew exponentially over the next 10 years so

Transporting away your sanity

Schizophrenia is a very complex mental disease. It is actually quite possible that various mechanisms may end up producing similar symptoms. Several neurotransmitter systems

What are the essential organic nutrients

There are essential nutrients, essential molecular structures for life processes, that we cannot synthesize and must take in, in adequate amounts, with our food. What are th

Calculate the surface areas and volumes

Calculate the surface areas and volumes of both of these cells then calculate the sa/v for each of them. The SA, V and Sa/V dived out of each of theses cells. which one of t

What kind of infection is he witnessing

Carlo is a microbiologist who detected viral genes integrated into bacteria and found that the viral genes were reproduced each time a bacterium divided. What kind of infect

Discuss food sources of the fibers

Provide many examples of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. List food sources of these fibers. Contrast the physical characteristics and features of these two types of fibe

What is the genotype of all persons mentioned

Define the following: chromosome, chromatid, centromere, autosome, sex chromosome, gene, karyotype, pheontype, genotype, allele, dominant, recessive, incomplete dominance, c

What kingdom will you classify this organism

Imagine that the sample of sediments are cemented together to form a sedimentary rock. After that, that rock is heated and compressed into a metamorphic rock.


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