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1. In the Euthyphro does Socrates present his own account of piety or just destroy the accounts offered by Euthyphro? If so what is his account of piety? Of use in this assignment is the essay by Mark L. McPherran "Socratic Piety in the Euthyphro" in Benson ed. Essays on the Philosophy of Socrates (Oxford 1992) (You may be able to access this book on Google Books or from larger libraries in Houston e.g. U of H, St Thomas, Rice)

2. What are the charges against Socrates as recorded in the Apology. Is he guilty of them? why or why not?

3.What is Socrates' argument against Crito in the argument of the same name? Is it persuasive? why or why not?

4. What would it mean to persuade the laws as it is described in the Crito? Does Socrates' account adequately allow for resisting evil legislation or is it essentially just a way to maintain the status quo?

Be sure to cite all sources used (including internet sources and lecture notes which should be cited by Name and Title in parenthesis) to avoid plagiarism. Cite only academic sources such as articles listed in the course content section or articles in JSTOR and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.See syllabus for plagiarism policy.

Cite all sources with quotation marks for direct quotes and parenthetical references. Don't place urls in the body of your paper; cite online sources by authors name or article title. Place urls at the end of the paper in the work cited page. Every student is encouraged to submit drafts of papers to Smart thinking for proof reading.

Reference no: EM131188740

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