What are the characteristics of lead users

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Note On Lead User Research

By the end of this activity you will be able to:

1. Practice your own innovative skills

2. Plan Stages I and II of a Lead User Study

3. Identify and characterize Lead Users

(Reading material-III-8 attached in the Attached File) describes how the potential of alternative uses of research can be determined methodically. Lead Users are defined as consumer groups who lead with respect to cutting edge applications of important markets and technical trends. Stages of a Lead User study are discussed which include project planning, trends/needs identification, preliminary concept generation, and final concept generation.

Guiding Questions to Consider Prior to the Discussion

1. What are the characteristics of Lead Users?

2. What are the three types of Lead Users?

3. What resource commitments are required for the level of innovation that will support the alternative market?

4. How can Stage II: Trends/Needs Identification be conducted in a quantitative and scientific fashion?

5. Why is ‘Testing the Concepts' not a stage of the Lead User Study?

Read R-III-8, "Note On Lead User Research".

For this discussion, tell us about a possible alternative market for an existing technology. Identify the type of Lead User and outline Stages I and II of a Lead User Study that should be conducted to give a first approximation of the alternative market potential, addressing the questions posed under "Guiding Questions".

Post your response (250-300 word minimum)

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The solution is about the Lead users and the technology. Chapter is provided by the student for the reference and solution is based on it. Times Roman, 12 point, Double spaced and all questions are targeted accordingly. References are not provided as solution is based on the attachment provided.

Reference no: EM131284932

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