What are the challenges of leading an org in today world
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Leadership Assessment Task - Essay

An org. is successful and success is attributed to the leader, the leader's entire personality becomes embedded in the culture (of that org.)

(1) What are the challenges of leading an org. in today's world?

(2) What need to change with our understanding of leadership to meet these challenges?

(3) Recommendation for improving the quality of leadership? Example - Development program - Comment on how your recommendation address today's requirements of leaders + leadership.

Note - The essay needs to have a clear structure consisting of an introduction, body and conclusion. Paragraphs are to be well constructed to enhance articulation of the argument). Make it as Report form not an essay.

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    Make it as Report form not a essay make sure. Need a Best quality solution need to SCORE high its 40% Weight. Marking Guide – INSTRUCTIONS TO MARKERS: CONTENT (50 Marks) The student has: interpreted the instruction/question appropriately. Clearly addressed the topic with appropriate elaboration of relevant sub-topics, appropriately weighted and within the prescribed word count. Demonstrated an understanding of the necessary concepts/perspective/theories. Used sufficient and appropriate material from relevant and credible sources to effectively support the key points. Followed any instructions on the number and type of references to be used. demonstrated the ability to critically reflect upon key ideas/issues/findings.

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    INSTRUCTIONS TO MARKERS: The report STRUCTURE/ORGANISATION (15 Marks) The essay needs to have a clear structure consisting of an introduction, body and conclusion. Paragraphs are to be well constructed to enhance articulation of the argument). The introduction is appropriate to the type and format of response and clearly outlines the focus. The body of the response is well structured, with coherent and logical development of key ideas in appropriate sections/paragraphs. Each section/paragraph has a clear focus and line of thought. The conclusion is appropriate to type and format of the response, successfully summarising the key ideas/issues/findings.

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    INSTRUCTIONS TO MARKERS: WRITTEN EXPRESSION (15 Marks) the writing style is appropriate to the task. The writing is fluent, exhibiting grammatically correct sentences that are appropriately punctuated. There are no spelling or typing errors and due regard is given to rules of capitalisation and abbreviation, etc. Key ideas from the literature are effectively paraphrased and cited, and direct quotes are appropriately incorporated. INSTRUCTIONS TO MARKERS: PRESENTATION (10 Marks) the response conforms to the appropriate style guide advice and the requirements of the specified format (font, margins etc) INSTRUCTIONS TO MARKERS: REFERENCING (10 Marks) The APA referencing style is to be adopted. In-text citations and direct quotes follow referencing guide rules. Reference list and/or bibliography appropriately compiled.

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