What are the breakdown products of lactose

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1. What attributes does lactic acid confer to yogurt? Why is lactic acid beneficial in yogurt?

2. What are the breakdown products of lactose?

3. How does the consistency of the milk change during the production of yogurt? What is the cause of this change?

Reference no: EM132280034

Why proper hydration important for multicellular organisms

As a person becomes very dehydrated, the concentration of water in her blood decreases. In which direction will water move across the plasma membranes of her blood cells? Wh

The muscles that control vocal cords

1. Jake told his girlfriend that the rollercoaster did not bother him, but during the ride he let loose with a long, high-pitched scream. Explain how the muscles of respiratio

Testing of the hypothesis

Describing how you would test the hypothesis. Start by examining the living species around you. Ever wonder why the pollinator is attracted to the particular flower.

Birds and mammals have a four-chambered heart

Birds and mammals have a four-chambered heart, with two ventricles and two atria, but other modern reptiles have a three-chambered heart, with just one ventricle. Paleontologi

What kind of mutations in lin-12 would cause

The Notch signaling pathway functions in C. elegans vulval development. In a loss of function mutation of lin-12 Notch receptor none of the vulval precursor cells adopt 2° f

What will the allele frequencies be in the next generation

Assume that this population is undergoing mutational pressure. The rate of mutation is 1.0 x 10-4 for changing A to a and 1.0 x 10-5 for changing a to A. What is the allele

A cell be able to survive without mitochondria

Would a cell be able to survive without mitochondria. Why or why not. Do you think that a plant cell, which already has a stiff, strong cell wall, still really needs a cell m

How abundant was oxygen in the early atmosphere

How abundant was oxygen in the early atmosphere? What evidence do scientists have that the oxygen content of our atmosphere has increased since the earth's origin?


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