What are the breakdown products of lactose

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1. What attributes does lactic acid confer to yogurt? Why is lactic acid beneficial in yogurt?

2. What are the breakdown products of lactose?

3. How does the consistency of the milk change during the production of yogurt? What is the cause of this change?

Reference no: EM132280034

Relationship of free energy change

The relationship of free energy change to the concentrations of reactants and products is important because it predicts the direction of spontaneous chemical reactions.

What is the rna world hypothesis

Explain the central dogma of biology? What is the RNA world hypothesis? If you mix all the macromolecules required for cell metabolism (lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, RNA,

Discussing the classification of viruses

Write a one to two page essay discussing the classification of viruses with the 6 kingdoms of life. Which kingdom, if any, do they belong in? Why do they belong or not belon

Discuss the physiological basis of the antenna

As you increase the pheromone intensity in the puff of air blown over the antenna, the electroantennogram increases in amplitude whereas the action potentials recorded at th

What will happen to the coat color of mice

If coat color in mice is not heritable and cats impose directional selection by preferring to eat brown mice, what will happen to the coat color of mice? a. mice would evolv

Simply elaborations on hominoid behaviors

Lessons from Apes: We have examined ape tool use and hunting behavior and seen that females are involved in tool use, that there may be evidence of cultural variation across

What red flags did you note in the historical data

What data is most important to include in this particular case and which historical data that might be gathered on a well-child exam can be left out of this ill visit - What

What might be the problem with this microscope

A microscope that gives the total magnification of 1500X, however image is too blurry to be useful. What might be the problem with this microscope.


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