What are the boundaries of the fbi geographic jurisdiction
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Jurisdiction is a term most interested in law enforcement have heard before. In the context of criminal law, the word jurisdiction has two primary categories: "geographic jurisdiction" and "subject-matter jurisdiction." Using the text, intellipath, and other credible academic sources, research both of these forms of jurisdiction and discuss their relationship to law enforcement while answering the following questions:

The premier federal law enforcement agency in the United States is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). What are the boundaries of the FBI's geographic jurisdiction? Over what types of crimes does the FBI have subject matter jurisdiction? Does the FBI investigate crimes like homicide and aggravated robbery?

At the state level, what law enforcement agency(ies) would typically have jurisdiction over a residential burglary?

Can more than one level of law enforcement agency have jurisdiction over the same crime? If so, provide an example, describing the crime as well as the agencies that would have concurrent jurisdiction over that crime.

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