What are the benefits of a corporate leadership strategy

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McDonald's has achieved the status of one of themost recognizable franchises across the globethrough a mixture of successful marketing, consistent service and products, and strong leadership. Ray Krocwas a visionary leader who inspired others through his charisma. He saw the potential for standardizing an efficient,systematized restaurant model and replicating it across thecountry. Kroc is quoted as saying,"If you've got time to lean,you've got time to clean,"which highlights his goal-orientedand task-focused leadership style that still exists in the corporation today. McDonald's espouses a commitment toinvesting in the growth and job satisfaction of its employeesso they can realize their full potential.

1. What kind of normative leadership style do you thinkRay Kroc, as a leader in the first years of McDonald's,likely used? Explain your answer.

2. What are the benefits of a corporate leadership strategy?

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Reference no: EM13522880

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