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ABC University has implemented a system of CRM. Mickey Maros, the Executive Director of Executive Education responsible for the implementation of the programme claim the following:

"Our data resided in a number of different custom and off-the-shelf programs. We relied on excel spreadsheets and the process for getting visibility into the student recruiting and admissions activities across multiple programs was cumbersome and time-consuming. These greatly limited our ability to aggregate information and apply this knowledge in order to better serve student needs". The CRM solution has been applied to drive the necessary improvements and tie together vital front-end functions such as marketing, admissions, recruitment and enrolment. The company has also made it a priority to improve internal efficiencies and optimize existing business processes so that staffs in various departments can perform their jobs without focusing on the administrative function. The new system will also help administrators and faculty members to reorganize their administrative resources.

Answer the following Questions

(a) Write a memorandum to the Director of Florida University explaining the concept of Relationship Marketing and it's importance for sustainability.

(b) What are the benefits of CRM outlined in the Case Study? What are the requirements for the success of such a system?

(c) Discuss the role of Technology in improving the relationship building process.

(d) Make five specific recommendations to Florida University regarding CRM and relationship building from what you have learned from your course.


What are the different stages in effective relationship building?


(a) What are the benefits and drawbacks of E-CRM?

(b) What are the key drivers of Relationship marketing?


(a) Define the concept of Public Relations.

(b) What are the different stages in the PR planning and implementation Process?

(c) Explain any model of relationship life cycle using an example to illustrate your answer


Explain the following concepts:

a) Key Account Management

b) Active Networking.

c) Customer Relationship Management.

d) Ethical Issues in communicating in Relationship Marketing


Compare and contrast transaction marketing and relationship marketing using appropriate examples to illustrate your answer

Reference no: EM132682

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