What are the advantages of pcms
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Question: Write a short research paper. The short report should include the source of information identified in the text as well as a reference listing at the end of report. Divide the report to sections (problem statement, introduction, discussion, etc). Include pagination and number equations (if any). Captions should be included for figures and tables (if any)

Topic : Phase-change materials for thermal energy storage

Related to the previous topic, one of the potential solutions to the energy storage problem for CSP is the use of phase-change materials (PCM).

1. What are phase-change materials and how do they work?

2. What are the advantages of PCMs over other thermal energy storage systems?

3. What are the disadvantages of PCMs?


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Introduction and Working of PCM

There is a continuous increase in emission of greenhouse gases and price of fossil fuels is rising continuously. These are the main driving forces to put efforts to utilize renewable sources of energy more efficiently. In all over the world solar radiation energy is considered as the most prospective source of energy.

Scientists are continuously working to use this energy more efficiently. One of the technique is to develop thermal energy storage devices to make this source of energy as a stable and reliable source of energy. One family of the materials are Phase Change Materials which can be used for this purpose [2].

Thermal Energy Storage is nothing but change in internal energy of the material as latent heat, sensible heat or thermochemical or may be combination of all these. Particularly in PCM thermal energy is stored in the form of Latent Heat for phase change.

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