What are the advantages of a program of research

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Assignment: First assignment

1- Reading Reflection

Please submit a few sentences regarding this week chapter reading, explain what are some of the important aspects of this week's reading, provide examples when possible. Thanks. Jorge

Ch 26

-Patient Safety and Quality Research

-Research Study Versus Quality Improvement Project

-Ethical Research Considerations

-Baker and Persell (2015) additional considerations to waivers:-Guidelines for Publishing Safety and Quality Study Results

Ch 27

-Developing a Program of Research" A program of research is a sequential "series of related studies aimed at addressing a particular knowledge gap" of importance to one's discipline (Pranulis, 1991)"

-Advantages of a Program of Research

-Launching a Program of Research

Second assignment

2- Objective Reflection in regard to the whole class of nursing research , Master essential, research process and benefits for the RNP daily praactice

As part of the class objectives, we would like for each student to write a small reflection paragraph and post it on this forum in answering what you have learned from this class, where the objectives that you had for the class met and how do you anticipate to use research. Thanks.

Reference no: EM132280017

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