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1. What are strategic competitiveness, strategy, competitive advantage, above-average returns, and the strategic management process? Explain how they are used in your organization. If your organization does not undertake these types of activities, you may make up a hypothetical organization or use a well-known organization.

2. Under what circumstances can parties be excused from performance? Should this be permitted or not?

3. Your Business idea: Discuss the venture that you will use for your business plan, including why you believe it would be a good opportunity and why you expect to be successful.

Reference no: EM132184694

A tale of two cities

Comparing New York City’s risk assessment and preparations for an event like September 11 at the World Trade Center and New Orleans’ risk assessment and its preparations for a

Consider the challenges of an entrepreneurial firm

Consider the challenges of an entrepreneurial firm (SME, fewer than 500 employees) in the industry you researched previously. Using the Internet and traditional library resour

Less and less about labor costs

Given that GE is a well-known and highly admired company that also tends to be trend-setter in its business practices, what are the implications for the fact that its globaliz

What are the five racial groups defined by the act

Are race and color distinctions mutually exclusive under the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Can two persons be of the same race but of different colors under the act? What are the

Conveyor used in the manufacture of grain for transporting

A granary has two options for a conveyor used in the manufacture of grain for transporting, filling, or emptying. One conveyor can be purchased and installed for $70,000 with

Analyze how trends impact the organizational strategy

Analyze how trends impact the organizational strategy of a firm or industry. Evaluate the context of the global market, including sensitivity to economic and cultural divers

Learning account refers to account for adult education

A lifelong learning account refers to an account for adult education into which both the employee and the company contribute and the employee keeps even if he or she leaves th

Store uses a periodic review inventory system

One of the hot sellers for the Wonka Toy store is the Chocolate Factory Board Game. The store uses a periodic review inventory system. The review period for the board game is


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