What are sources of strength for an analytics competitor
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Decision Making

Refer to "Competing on Analytics."

Write an essay of 1,500-2,000 words that addresses the following:

1. How can a company become and prosper as an analytics competitor?

2. What are the sources of strength for an analytics competitor?

3. How has this article influenced your views about quantitative business modeling and its utility in business decision making?

4. Do your views conform with, conflict with, or supplement the views you may have formulated after completing the other readings? Develop your response from an ethical perspective and be sure to incorporate a Christian worldview, or other faith tradition, as applicable into your response.

5. Include three to five scholarly resources.

Prepare the assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is not required.


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Each and every business organization can seek advantage by becoming analytical, creating an understanding about the customers, performance of operations, and to make the decisions. But even companies that are more oriented analytically have to target such efforts wherever there is highest scope of benefits, as there are constraints of resources, specifically talent.

Also, all opportunities of business are not created equally. Few companies have been seen conferring breakthroughs in differentiation or performance within the marketplace. In order to just embark the analytical journey, a specific problem for business may be considered as a good target in the initial stage(Davenportand Morison, 2010).

As a matter of fact, customers have been complaining about quality or service, or benchmarks of performance that a process of business is just a waste of resources, or a competitor has been raising the bar, and the companies require analytics for the determination and execution of response.

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