What are some strategic-planning and operational decisions

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1) What are some strategic, planning, and operational decisions that must be made by an apparel retailer such as Gap?

2) Consider the supply chain involved when a customer purchases a book at a bookstore. Identify the cycles in this supply chain and the location of the push/pull boundary.

Reference no: EM131414907

What organizational and cultural changes ghosn implemented

What problems do you see with these changes Do you think that Porter's competitive strategy works for Renault? How? What organizational and cultural changes Ghosn implemented

How optimizing a purchasing process saved million

Read the case study that explains how optimizing a purchasing process saved $1 million. (see link below). Explain how you, as a quality manager, would apply at least three o

Decisions about salary equity

What factors should be taken into account in decisions about salary equity? For example, should a teacher and a truck driver be paid the same, or should a computer programmer

Accounts receivable balance

Baker Brothers has a DSO of 27 days, and its annual sales are $4,745,000. What is its accounts receivable balance? Assume that it uses a 365-day year. Round your answer to t

Describing tasks needed to implement two risk strategies

For your task 3 part 8, you need to write down the response strategy in risk register. I have prepared risk register and you need to fill the potential responses column. Colum

Presentation to potential sponsors

Your assignment in this topic was to develop a sponsorship sales deck to obtain sponsors for an event of your choice. After taking time to practice your sales pitch, record yo

Relationship management tool assist firm sales operations

A firm seeks to o deploy a customer relationship management tool with its sales team in order to enhance sales effectiveness and productivity. How could application of the cus

Define the frequency of communication

In the communication plan, identify the audiences that must be reached. For each audience, describe the communication mechanism, the frequency of communication, the format,


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