What are some pitfalls and solutions

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Lets use the important topic of an environmentally friendly (or maybe un-friendly) workplace as an example for our discussion.

Read at least two of the following articles about the environmental decision-making process in teams to familiarize yourself with some of the research in this arena.

•Based on your reading, and maybe even your own experience, do you think that an individual's preferences about the environment (in our example here but you can also think more broadly) will influence their participation on the team?

•Do you think this individual participation (and preference) is important to the quality of the final decision?

• What are some pitfalls and solutions?

•Do Individual Preferences Affect the Environmental Decision-making Process in Teams? The Role of ParticipationTorre-Ruiz_et_al-2015-Business_Strategy_and_the_Environment.pdf

•Green Management Matters Only If It Yields More Green: An Economic/Strategic Perspective Seigel 2009.pdf

•Green Management Matters Regardless Marcus and Fremeth 2009.pdf

•Promoting Sustainable Organizations with Sweden's Natural StepBradbury and Clair 1999.pdf

•Leadership in the North American Environmental Sector Egri and Herman 2000.pdf

•Individual environmental initiative Lynne et al 2000.pdf

•Leadership in the North American Environmental Sector: Values, Leadership Styles, and Contexts of Environmental Leaders and Their OrganizationsEgri and Herman 2000(1).pdf

Reference no: EM131194178

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