What are some of the ways that it has become pervasive

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1. Define what is encompassed in the term information technology.

2. What are some of the ways that IT has become "pervasive"?

3. What kinds of portable IT help employees work more efficiently and effectively? What may interfere with productivity?

4. What kinds of IT can help support teams when team members work at different locations?

5. How have some businesses used the Internet to compete based on low cost, product/service differentiation, or both?

6. What kind of a business might choose to have low levels of dependence on IT?

7. What three types of IT resources need to be managed well?

8. What are some examples of newer IT manager roles, and why are they needed today?

9. For what reasons might an IT manager have a reporting relationship with a CIO as well as with a senior business manager?

Reference no: EM131136362

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