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The acronym AIDA is a critical part of the understanding of advertising and promotion. What does it stand for, and why is it important. Provide an example of using AIDA in advertising. [repeat from mid term]

Question 2:

There are 4 major aspects of defining a target market. Define them and provides examples for each.

Question 3:

Social Media has become a core element of advertising and promotion. What are some of the keys to SM advertising and promotion? Provide examples.

Question 4:

Provide a list of at least 10 advertising venues where we can promote a product or service. Then provide at least 3 examples (meaning choose 3 of the venues then provide an example of an ad/promo being used in that venue).

Question 5:

The expression...it has never been easier to get at the consumer than today, but, it also has never, ever been harder than today to get them to buy. What does this mean to you, your generation, and consumerism in general?

Double spaced

Min of 2 pages per question, must include charts, graphs, examples for every question

Reference no: EM132279895

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