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CHAPTER 39, Clients with Medical Illnesses

In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives:

Identify common medical conditions that can have accompanying psychiatric complications or symptoms. Describe general nursing implications for clients experiencing psychiatric disorders that are intertwined with other nonpsychiatric illnesses.

Carla, a 27-year-old white single mother of two preschool-age children, is in the psychiatric hospital for treatment of anxiety and depression. Carla has a cardiac condition that requires surgery. Carla is concerned over the financial cost of the surgery and caretakers for her children while she is in the hospital and undergoing rehabilitation.

Carla is also worried that she may be unable to continue in her present employment as a salesperson due to the physical demands of this position. Carla's case is representative of many patients with medical conditions who develop psychiatric symptoms.

(Learning Objectives: 1, 2)

a. What are some prevalent medical conditions that can also be accompanied by psychiatric symptoms or complications?

b. What are some nursing implications for Carla that address both the psychiatric and nonpsychiatric illnesses?

Reference no: EM131384634

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