What are some examples of irreversible investments

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What are some examples of irreversible investments?  I know they're investments that have high value only under specific conditions and can't be easily moved, adjusted, or reversed if conditions change, but I don't know what are real-life examples. 

Reference no: EM131030531

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What Can George Steinbrenner Teach Us About Economies and Diseconomies of scale? From 1972-1976 the Oakland A's and Cincinnati Reds won all five of baseball's World Series Cha

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derive Karls demand curve for beer as a function of exogenous variables (ie income, prices) hint draw his indifferece curves and budget constraint and think about what must

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Write an essay of 1,250-1,500 words that describes the change in the interpretation of the due process clause. Discuss whether or not the earlier interpretations gave the be

What is the ratio of the marginal product of labor

Consider a small landscaping company run by Mr. Viemeister. He is considering increasing his firm’s capacity. If he adds one more worker, the firm’s total monthly revenue will


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