What are some characteristics of solidaristic wage policy

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Question: In Chapter 9 The Middle Way: Swedish Social Democracy, we learned about social democracy as a middle way between capitalism and socialism. Please read the chapter and answer the following questions in your review:

1. What is social democracy? Why is it considered the "middle way"?

2. The authors believe that socialism is "demonized" and that the definitions of "democracy" and "freedom" have been too limiting. Did they make a good case? If so, what do you agree with? If not, what is still lacking?

3. What are some characteristics of the "solidaristic wage policy?"

4. How does the Swedish government do to improve the competitiveness of their businesses?

5. How is Swedish workers able to avoid many of the negative consequences of deskilling?

6. How can social democracy cure the phenomenon of "private opulence and public squalor"? Take Sweden or another Nordic democracy as example.

7. Read the bullet points in the conclusion (p.266-267 8th ed.). What do you think we should incorporate into the American (or your country's) system?

8. In this link(attached in file of democratic candidates, are there any social democrats who may admire the Swedish system? If so, can you identify them?

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Reference no: EM132280206

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