What are safety stock and reorder point for service level

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The daily demand of a product is very stable at 250 units per day. However, its delivery lead time varies and can be specified by a normal distribution with a mean lead time of twelve days and standard deviation of three days. What are the safety stock and reorder point for a 97.5 percent service level?

Reference no: EM13843080

Calculate the multifactor productivity for operation

A company offers ID theft protection using leads obtained from client banks. Three employees work 40 hours a week on the leads, at a pay rate of $35 per hour per employee. Eac

Compute annual order cost and annual total inventory cost

The monthly demand for a part is 1500 units. The order cost is $285 per order, The holding cost is $56 per unit per year, and the part cost is $850 per unit. The firm operates

International human resources

Propose a speech that you would give to a friend in an elevator summing up the contents of this course. You have 30 to 90 seconds to inform your friend of the most important e

Detail eight goal statements

List in detail eight goal statements, one from each of the areas in the life goal inventory. As the inventory only has 7 areas, please select two goals from any area of your c

Why do firms use cross-border strategic alliances

What are the four business level cooperative strategies and what are the differences among them? Why do firms use cross-border strategic alliances? What risks are firms likely

Knowledge be devalued by inaccurate information

How might knowledge be devalued by inaccurate information? How can group members ensure the accuracy of their information? How do imagination and knowledge relate to creative

Development of the team in terms of the five-phase model

Reflect upon the projects completed in your CLC team. Analyze the development of the team in terms of the five-phase model or the punctuated equilibrium model. Choose the mode

Referees failing to show up at designated games

The Manchester United Soccer Tournament project team (refer to the Manchester United Soccer club case study in chapter 4 of the text) has identified the following potential ri


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