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Shared Activities

Choosing Data Collection Tools and Methods

Use this Shared Activity to give and receive feedback on approaches to data collection that you and your colleagues may use in your Management Research Project. This Shared Activity will help you prepare for your Individual Assignment in Unit 5, in which you will submit a plan for data collection and analysis.

Research Topic:

"Cultural Challenges in Adopting Scrum Methodology"

The following questions are what I am looking to tackle in my research:

1. What are the drivers behind agile adoption and the challenges faced during adoption?

2. What are organizational culture factors that correlate with the effective adoption of the Agile method and what are the challenges that inhibit adoption?

3. What are the necessary cultural changes that must be carried out by practitioners and companies for a smooth transition to agile principles?

4. How should Scrum Methodology be augmented to become more effective?

To prepare for this Shared Activity:

- Prepare a draft of the methodology section for your research proposal, to include:

- A description of your chosen methodology and why you chose it;

- A description of the types of data you will collect or access and the source(s) from which you will collect or access data, including a sampling strategy, if appropriate;

- The specific research methods and tools you plan to use.

To complete this Shared Activity:

- Post a draft of the methodology section of your research proposal. Provide a rationale for your decisions about methodology and methods and explain how your chosen methodology and methods will help you address your research question. Include in your post some discussion of alternative methods and tools you have considered to gather research data. Why would these be less useful than the ones you chose?

• Methodology and Methods

o Select and analyze your chosen research paradigm and its impact on your research question.

o Describe your chosen methodology and how it relates to your research question.

o Critically analyze the strengths and weakness of choosing this particular methodology, including why you did not select an alternative methodology.

o Discuss the types of data you intend to collect with your chosen methodology.

o Present a data collection and analysis plan and detail the following:

- How do your strategies for data collection and analysis align with your methodology and research question?

- What other data collection and analysis strategies could you have considered to answer your research question? Why did you choose to exclude these strategies?

- Critically analyze the ethical implications of your research methodology and methods and explain how you will address any ethical challenges.

- Discuss the challenges you foresee in employing your chosen data collection methods and how you can overcome these challenges.

- Identify any ethical issues involved in data collection using your chosen methods and discuss how these could impact the validity of your findings, as well as how you will address these issues.

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Scrum implementation is driven by number of factors like organizational needs and requirements. Also the implementation of the scrum is more a challenging issues, there are number of cultural factors involved in. The current discussion is about the possible data collection methods and analysis techniques to find the reasons for scrum implementation and the factors related with the implementation process.

Reference no: EM131262877

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