What are medical billing codes

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What are medical billing codes?

Why do we need CPT codes?

What do CPT E/M codes tell us?

Who determines which CPT codes to use for an office visit?

Why would I want to know about billing codes?

So what is included in a "typical" acute visit?

What's included in a "typical" well visit?

Is this new, especially these -25 modifier codes?

So, which of these codes will I be expected to pay and how much?


Jacob comes in for his 4 month well baby visit. Mom has no concerns. History and physical exam reveal
no potential concerns. Mom completes the development and postpartum depression screening
questionnaires which reveal no concerns. Jacob receives his recommended immunizations.

                                                  BILLING CODES
99391                              Established patient, well visit 0-11 months old
96110                              Developmental screening questionnaire
96110                              Postpartum depression screening questionnaire
90698/90460/90461x4      Pentacel (DTaP-IPV-Hib) vaccine and its administration
90670/90460                    Prevnar (PCV7) vaccine and its administration
90680/90460                    Rotavirus (RV5) vaccine and its administration.

Attachment:- CODES for PEDIATRIC.rar

Reference no: EM13874329

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