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1. During an interview for a ceo position, Elena's potential employers ask her, "If you get this job, will you focus more on industry effects or firm effects? what should her answer be?

2. What are a leader's expectations?

3. Explain a Drama Triangle

4. Project Management: Explanation of risk ranking within a project.

Reference no: EM132280094

Organization leadership-ideation and innovation

Every organization that provides a service or sells a product may benefit from innovation and improvement ideas. Every organization stands to benefit from an annual ideation p

Save annually in ordering and carrying costs by using eoq

A produce distributor uses 790 packing crates a month, which it purchases at a cost of $10 each. The manager has assigned an annual carrying cost of 35 percent of the purchase

Determining the most effective way to communicate

As a manager, what factors do you consider when determining the most effective way to communicate a message to you employees? Does this change if you are preparing to commun

Learn from mass customization of tangible goods

What can we learn from mass customization of tangible goods (e.g. Lands End or Dell) that can be applied to the mass customization of services? What makes customization easier

Two assembly lines

Which assembly line exhibits more consistency (less spread)? Support your answer statistically.2) Calculate the control limits for the X-bar and s chart for assembly line 1.

Personal protection equipment

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) prepare an outline as described below for a safety program incorporating the safety management principles presented. Purpose and Scope of t

Define self-concept in your own words

Define Self-Concept in your own words; Discuss whether an individual's self-concept is stable or varies over time and circumstance. Consider whether individuals can change the

How about through discrimination or polluting environment

Does Friedman believe that business should make as much profit as possible, even if through fraud and deception? How about through discrimination or polluting the environment?


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