What are key elements of design for manufacturing

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Response must be 300 word for each questions with reference

1. Many people think of lean systems as being incompatible with mass customization and flexible manufacturing. Why is this conclusion incorrect? Why or why not? Expand upon your response. Give real world example to explain your response.

2. What are the key elements of design for manufacturing and for logistics?

Required Textbook: Bowersox, Donald J., David J. Closs, M. Bixby Cooper, Supply Chain Logistics Management. 3rd edition or 4th edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin

Reference no: EM13928482

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Wireless Topology Paper: Wireless communication, generally, useless three configuration topologies (1) point to point; (2) point to multipoint; and (3) multi-point to point.

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What are some common characteristics and challenges in effective and efficient supply chain implementation for a company that wishes to achieve a global presence in the mark


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