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Respond to Discussion Questions with 100-150 words. I would like to encourage you to also use personal experiences in your responses. Also, cite information from your text to support your answer.

1. How does an LLC (limited liability protection) differ from a corporation or partnership?

2. What are its relative advantages of an LLC as compared to common alternatives?

3. What are its relative advantages of an LLC over any corporate form (Subchapter S, or C-Corp)?

4. What is the most important effect of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOx) on governance of publicly traded corporations?

5. http://www.bu.edu/rbarnett/Original.htm

After reading this chapter, and reviewing the article THE ORIGINAL MEANING OF THE COMMERCE CLAUSE how, in your view, has the modern interpretation of the Commerce Clause affected Congress' enumerated powers (Article I)?


6. Although one may not realize it, Class, we encounter securities regulation every day!

For example, if we participate in a 401(k) or a pension plan (even a government pension plan), chances are very good that publicly traded securities -- or even Hedge Funds -- may be involved!

Can you think of any others?

Reference no: EM131237720

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