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List of Investigation Topics

(1) Cloud Security Issues (multiple parts)

A .Identify the security advantages of cloud-based solutions.

B. Identify the security disadvantages if cloud-based solutions.

C. What is the data wiping process?

D. What are hyperjacking attacks?

E. What are guest-hopping attacks?

F. Define business continuity and disaster recovery? What is the difference?

G. Identify the security advantages and disadvantages of adopting cloud-based back-up operations.

H. Identify some the threats to an IT data center infrastructure and provide solutions to minimize the risk.

(2) Virtualization Security Issues (multiple parts)

A. Describe virtualization security issues based on doing some Internet research.

B. Describe some best security practices of Microsoft Hyper-V based on doing some Internet research.

C .Describe some best security practices of VMware ESXi based on doing some Internet research.

Reference no: EM13926082

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