What are fusion proteins

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What are fusion proteins? Provide a brief description of steps involved in producing and purification of fusion proteins and two main advantages of using fusion proteins.

Reference no: EM132280129

Somatic cells of chimpanzees have 48 chromosomes

Describe what you observed in your cheek smear wet mount, direct stained slide, and indirectly stained slide. What were similarities and differences. Describe what you observe

What principles of experimental design and methodology

The effects of early feeding experiences on later food preferences were studied in guinea pigs. The animals were grouped five per cage, and each of the three groups was fed

How is the segmentation in annelids different

How is the segmentation in annelids different that the segmentation in tapeworms? (Hint: think about their structures that go across or through segments. Which group do you

Determine the genetic map of the recipient

Assume you have a set of 4-Hfr strains and you carry out a series of crosses with a multiply marked recipient that is auxotrophic for many different nutritional markers.

Why yellow is completely dominant to green

Ovules from a pure-breeding yellow plant are fertilized with pollen from a pure-breeding green plant. All of the progeny are yellow. When the reciprocal cross is performed,

Phenotypic classes may be generated from three-point

How many phenotypic classes may be generated from athree-point testcross? An arg-strain of E. coli istransformed with a plasmid carrying the wild-type (arg+) gene. Thetransfo

Alanine carbons enter cellular respiration

Based on this scenario as well as your knowledge of cellular respiration, how many ATP, NADH, and FADH2 molecules will be generated from one molecule of alanine during the m

Describe what happens to the ph of the medium

Rat liver mitochondria are isolated and placed in an assay medium. Describe what happens to the pH of the medium when the mitochondrial suspension is kept anaerobic and why


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