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Answer for the question should be written in no more than 400 words but no less than 300 words.

What are externalities? Think of positive externalities and negative externalities. How do externalities affect the persons’ (economic agents’) decision making and behavior? – Present your idea.

Reference no: EM131338631

On the anniversary of the last payment

A rich aunt has promised you $6,000 one year from today. In addition, each year after that, she has promised you a payment (on the anniversary of the last payment) that is 2%

What will balloon payment be at the end of the fifth year

What will the balloon payment be at the end of the fifth year?- If the property value does not change, what will the loan-to-value ratio be at the end of the five-year period?

Encourage a firm to increase the amount of debt

A firm's business risk is determined solely by the financial characteristics of its industry. A firm's financial risk can be minimized by diversification. Other things held co

Management expects the lockbox to reduce the mail float

Orange Inc. has just signed up for a lockbox. Management expects the lockbox to reduce the mail float by 1.8 days and processing time by 1 day. The firm's remittances average

Determine whether the account is profitable for the bank

The typical customer keeps an average monthly balance net of float equal to $ 116 in the account and pays a $ 3.25 monthly service charge. The bank must hold 10 percent requir

Accounting discipline is assets and shareholders equity

The Balance Sheet Identity as expressed by the accounting discipline is Assets = Liabilities + Shareholder’s Equity. From the perspective of finance, the Balance Sheet Identit

Paying interest for each of the first six payments

For a $24,000 student loan with a 6% APR, how much of the payment will go toward the principal and how much will go toward paying interest for each of the first six payments?

Tasked with evaluating two independent projects

You have been tasked with evaluating two independent projects: a three-year lathe for the shop and a six-year machine press. Are the two estimates equally reliable? Why or why


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