What are externalities

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Answer for the question should be written in no more than 400 words but no less than 300 words.

What are externalities? Think of positive externalities and negative externalities. How do externalities affect the persons’ (economic agents’) decision making and behavior? – Present your idea.

Reference no: EM131338631

The spot exchange rate of an australian dollar

Assume that the U.S. one-year interest rate is 3% and the one-year interest rate on Australian dollars is 6%. The U.S. expected annual inflation is 5%, while the Australian in

Two bonds outstanding

An investor buys 500 shares of stock at $50 and the stock pays a 4% annual dividend. A company has two bonds outstanding. The first matures after five years and it has a coupo

What about the worst-case scenario-units-sales-fixed costs

Olin Transmissions, Inc., has the following estimates for its new gear assembly project: price = $1,400 per unit; variable costs = $280 per unit; fixed costs = $1.4 million; q

Effective annual percentage cost of non-free trade credit

Howes Inc. purchases $4,562,500 in goods per year from its sole supplier on terms of 2/14, net 58. If the firm chooses to pay on time but does not take the discount, what is t

Number of motorcycles to expand its delivery service

A florist is buying a number of motorcycles to expand its delivery service. These will cost $87,000, but are expected to increase profits by $3000 per month over the next four

How long you expect before revco will emerge from bankruptcy

What the costs of the Revco bankruptcy will be, and how long you expect before Revco will emerge from bankruptcy. Write your answers in a 850 to 1000-word report and cite yo

Interest rates have increased since bond k was issued

Multiple Choice: Bond K is selling at par with a 5% coupon. Bond L is selling for $1,030. Bond M is selling for $960 and has a YTM of 5.5%. Bonds K, L, and M are of similar qu

What is the equity after-tax IRR

Consider a commercial property that costs $1 million (90% building, 10% land) with the CAP rate of 10%. Assume that the operating cash flow and value of the property both grow


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