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Non-Price Vertical Restraints.

a) What are exclusive territories (ET)? Explain 4 reasons why a manufacturer would be willing to grant an ET to a dealer? Under what circumstances are ET in the public interest? Discuss the possible impacts of car manufacturers granting ET to their car dealerships.

b) What is exclusive dealing (ED)? Explain 4 reasons why manufacturers would want to impose ED on their dealers. Under what circumstances is ED in the public interest? Discuss the possible impacts of beer producers imposing ED on dealers (i.e. pubs) in the UK.

Reference no: EM131385544

What monthly payment should be made

A total of $41,000 is borrowed and repaid with 60 monthly payments, with the first payment occurring 1 month after receipt of the $41,000. The stated interest rate is 6% compo

Taxing a price searcher with lump-sum tax

Some have argued that taxing a price searcher with a lump-sum tax (tax that is the same regardless of level of current production) and then using the tax proceeds to subsidize

What is accounting cost and implicit cost

Anthony Figueroa is a CPA, who works for an accounting consulting firm. His annual salary income is $70,000. Anthony is considering opening up his own consulting firm. He esti

Government implemented a negative income tax

Suppose the government implemented a negative income tax and used the following formula to compute a family's tax liability: Taxes owed= (1/3 of income)-$15,000. A family earn

Make gismos at an initial production cost

Manufacturer A is starting to make Gismos at an initial production cost of $95 for the first unit and has been lowering the cost with a learning rate of 79 percent. Manufactur

Favor of expanding international law

Would you be in favor of expanding international law to include international tribunals where companies can sue individuals or vice versa? That would create a level economic

Consider the competitive market for natural gas

Consider the competitive market for natural gas. Now suppose that the price of renewable energy (a substitute for natural gas) decreases because of a technological advance. An

What prices will monopolist set when it can discriminate

Suppose there is a movie monopolist selling to students, adults, and seniors. The marginal cost of tickets is fixed at $7.00. What prices will a monopolist set when it can dis


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